The importance of community in making art

I have recently been fortunate to have found studio space here in Milwaukee Wisconsin at Material Studios and Gallery in the Marshall Building in the Historic Third Ward.  It is a working studio and gallery with many working artists.  (See  The reason I am talking about this here is that I have come to appreciate the chance to speak to other artists about their work and about bigger ideas. 

Sometimes as artists we get caught up in our details.... details about our lives, our work, our medium, our markmaking, etc.  It can preoccupy our conscious thought.  When we are able to articulate to others what we think about our work, the work of others and art in general, we have such a richer experience.  It's free, it only costs a little time.  But it makes what we do hold a more real place in our daily experience.

I love that the artists that surround me are so generous with their ideas, information and opinions.  It makes me want to step up every day and be present - not just in attendance, but in consciousness of our calling and being part of the glorious, confounding, rewarding world of art.