About My Work

When two things come together, a third thing happens.  Something new emerges and comes into existence. It becomes greater than the two things.

Layering.  Concealing, then revealing.  Marks become gestures, shadows - even remembrances.  A shadow or gesture recedes from the surface yet is still present, becoming an underpinning of new elements that ride above it.  Present, these marks support the elements that ride above it like a soaring musical line held up and enriched by the rich harmonies beneath.  There is consonance and dissonance. Rough and smooth. Homophonic and polyphonic textures.  Clear and obscured. When combined, they become that greater thing.

I find an energy in the alchemy of encaustic.  Layering of beeswax, tree resin, pigment, fused with fire.  The work has a physicality in making. It is labor intensive, heavy, organic, unpredictable and predictable.