Day 2 - "Sento nel core". "I feel within my heart"

I have been honored to sing the most beautiful music ever written.  It is music that conveys every human emotion. I sang professionally for many years, and taught other singers as well.  My day 2 painting is inspired by an Italian text set to music by a 16th Century composer, Alessandro Scarlatti and an early 20th Century composer, Stefano Donaudy.  This is a beautiful text that both composers set in a beautiful compositions. 

My friend, Josie S, studied and sang both versions of this song with me over a period of several years.  It was always a pleasure to see Josie for her lesson.  She is an adult student who is a scientist and a gifted musician.  She writes her own music and is an gifted interpreter of many styles of song and can do so very well in several languages.  It was a pleasure to create this piece in honor of my friend.

Day 1 - "Unwritten"

This is the first day of 2018.  A new year, a new chapter.  My Facebook feed was loaded with good wishes and the spirit of everyone looking to the positive and to new challenges that we all face.  We may feel refreshed and energized to build something strong and viable that we can sustain to create a richer life.

I was struck by my friend, Julie C, who posted first thing in the morning with a link to a recording of the song, "Unwritten" by Natasha Beddingfield.  Julie was calling it her anthem for the year.  It would be her call to action and motivation.  I used this song to represent my friend.  It was also my inspiration to begin my 30x30x30 Challenge. 

When I listened to the song, I felt the energy and passion.  Red would be needed.  The unwritten or unscripted would need to be play a part here and I incorporated blank lines to provide that space we all need in our lives to create our own story - our own narrative.  Julie is vibrant and accomplished.  She is a well-known radio professional in Chicago.  She is a fabulous musician in her own band.  She is beloved by her friends and is raising a most remarkable son.  I hope that this year that began "unwritten" for her becomes a full and satisfying narrative that brings her much joy.

2018 Starts with a 30 day Challenge!

I was fortunate to be selected among the 30 artists chosen by Var Gallery and Studios (@VarGallery) of Milwaukee Wisconsin for their annual 30x30x30 Exhibition.  Ground rules are to create an artwork a day for 30 days in January.  We are using a smaller 6x6 inch format.  900 pieces of art will be produced before the end of the month!  The Exhibition will go up on April 20, 2018 and run through the end of May.

I am excited to create a piece of art a day.  My proposal was to create a piece inspired by 30 of my musical friends and each was asked to choose a favorite musical work.  I knew it would be an interesting mix of classical, popular, oldies and all of them would be goodies.  Because I work in encaustic, I have to plan to be sure that all of my little works are properly created using solid technique.  What I was not prepared for is the difference in working so small again.  I have been working on much larger panels in the past 6 months and this requires a major rethink about how I work.  Also even though each person's musical selection is different and may vary widely from the others, I am conscious of keeping to my own style.  This is going to be a challenge that I welcome with open arms.  I will be posting my works each day.  Look for them on Instagram or see the link here.

I hope you enjoy coming on this journey with me.  It should be great fun and a fabulous opportunity for artistic growth.