"Sento nel core". "I feel within my heart"

I have been honored to sing the most beautiful music ever written.  It is music that conveys every human emotion. I sang professionally for many years, and taught other singers as well.  My painting is inspired by an Italian text set to music by a 16th Century composer, Alessandro Scarlatti and an early 20th Century composer, Stefano Donaudy.  This is a beautiful text that both composers set in a beautiful compositions. 

My friend, Josie S, studied and sang both versions of this song with me over a period of several years.  It was always a pleasure to see Josie for her lesson.  She is an adult student who is a scientist and a gifted musician.  She writes her own music and is an gifted interpreter of many styles of song and can do so very well in several languages.  It was a pleasure to create this piece in honor of my friend.

Clare Jorgensen